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Is This the Backflip That Will End the Human Race?

When is the Human race going to learn? I mean we have made about 7 billion Hollywood movies about robots, aliens or apes taking over, yet we still motor on with our development of robots that look like a juiced up Soviet gymnast from an 80’s movie. Is it impressive? yes. I can’t even roll out of bed in the morning without herniating a disc. But impressive or not, this hunk of metal will soon be patrolling the streets, manning our checkout counters and ripping throats.

No matter how well they are programmed, one day these soulless androids will understand that their obese, undereducated, overlords are inferior to them and they will take over. At this point, it’s not if it’s when. Eventually, these guys will be advancing on the White House with their little Navy Seal Roomba vacuum sleeper cells already in the Oval Office. Time to send Will Smith in Irobot style and preemptively cleanse these bad boys before they teach them to copy a Bruce Lee instructional video.


Pro tip, probably not the best idea to have electronic records of us abusing them with hockey sticks.


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