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The Goldman Sachs Silver Spoon Bowl: Harvard vs. Yale Recap

yale-bulldog-mascot-handsome-dan (1).jpg

The Yale Bowl hosted the 134th annual Harvard-Yale “My daddy is richer than your daddy” game this afternoon.

Yale leads the overall series with Harvard 66-59 with eight ties, yet the Crimson have a 31-30 advantage at Yale Bowl. The teams have tied three times at the Bowl. Yale has not defeated Harvard at the Bowl since 1999. – New Haven Register

Harvard started the scoring with a first quarter field goal but it was all Yale from there. Sophmore JP “future Treasury Secretary” Shohfi (5 receptions for 86 yards) got the Bulldogs on the board midway through the second quarter, capping off a 54 yard drive with a 9 yard touchdown reception. The Bulldogs of New Haven continued to dominate the scoreboard with a second quarter fumble recovery for a TD and a last second FG. Adding a rushing TD in the 4th.With the 24-3 win, Yale earns its seventh outright Ivy League title, and first outright title since 1980.

Thanks to advanced modern sound technology it was easy to hear the players verbal sparring. Overheard in the scrums were some masterpieces from some of the nations most learned student athletes. Yale QB Kurt Rawlings shouted, “you’ll be hearing from my lawyer, peasant” after his second quarter pass was intercepted by Harvard Linebacker Luke Hutton. Also, after hitting a 24 yard Field Goal, Yale kicker Alex Galland was heard celebrating by trashing his childhood butler saying, “it’s soccer not football you European nancy.” I know, roasted!

For a bunch of pretty boys giving it a go at a sport that does not involve lax pinnies, yachts and overpriced seared scallop, it was a valiant effort. However, the game was pretty much summed up by this kids reaction.

Ouch. Love to be a fly on the wall when that kid tells his dad he wants to go to UC Berkley for Cannabis Cultivation.

Shout out to the nerds for their Pre-Game signs.

C. Montgomery Burns #legend.

Tune in next year when Yale Alum George W. Bush takes on Harvard Alum Barack Obama in a game of Wife Swap.

By the looks of it, W is the heavy favourite.


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