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Leafs Recap: Les Habitants are Shooting Blanks

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What a team! Big showing across the board, as the blue and white win again. The Leafs shutout their arch-nemesis/cake eaters, the Montreal Canadiens, 6-0.

Freddy Anderson blanks the enemy for a second straight game, living up to the hype. I’ve been hearing a lot of trash talk thrown Anderson’s way, so hopefully the haters can shut up and get on board. Naz went out there again and played his ass off. Sniped a goal short side before taking a cheap hit from Pacioretty – a known scumbag – and then went after Shea Webber! Guy’s all heart.

The real story tonight was the return of the franchise: Austin Mathews. Out for the last 4 games with an “upper body injury”, Mathews came in hot. He scored a pair of goals and never missed a beat. This guy is that special kind of player who is in the right place every time on the ice. Best Leaf I’ve seen in my generation; it’s scary.

Best part of the night though is knowing that the shit storm that is Montreal just got browner. These guys went from cup contenders a year ago to a bunch of nothings. This team has a generational goaltender in Price, and they’re wasting his prime. I wish years of pain and suffering on those insufferable, fake fan base, Bell Centre losers.







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