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President Ball 2020: Make America Ballin’ Again


What happens when the 2 most obnoxious, egomaniacal Americans argue over getting a few basketball players out of a Chinese jail? A presidential race, that’s what happens. I fully expect Lavar Ball to ride this wave of attention to some sort of damaging presidential campaign. He will play out this feud with Trump for the money, while Trump will keep this up because he is a petulant crybaby who can’t let trivial things go.

Hey Donny, don’t you have anything better to do than arguing with the Kardashians of the basketball world? You know, like North Korea, Syria, Iran, pedophile Senate candidates, illegal Russian collusion, really dumb/incriminating family members, people getting grabbed by the pussy, multiple ethical failures, lack of McDonalds in the White House and the fact that his real estate portfolio is suffering. You’d think he wouldn’t fixate on a father who didn’t thank him, even though the kids did. Hey Donny, maybe this is Karma for not calling, respecting and thanking all those Gold Star Families. WEAK!

If Lavar doesn’t announce some sort of presidential campaign, I’d be shocked. He wants the power, the attention and couldn’t care less about the consequences. It’s a shame these two couldn’t get along though, they’re not so different in the end. Both proud members part of the Big Babies Brand.





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