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Stanton to Yankees: The Empire Strikes Back.

Sleeper cell Sith Lord Derek Jeter just proved he still has a hard-on for his former Masters back at the Death Star’s front office. The power of the Dark Side is so strong that even though Jeter has taken over the reigns of another franchise, he still gets pulled back by his worst vices and gives up Baseball’s most prolific power hitter, NL MVP, for a salary dump, a bag of balls and still pays 30M of 295M owed.

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We don’t yet know who the Yankees will be shipping over to the Marlins in exchange. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees dump some outfield depth. Stanton’s acquisition adds another outfielder to a crowded Yankees depth chart, so it’s probable that the Marlins asked for Aaron Hicks or Clint Frazier in return. Or I could be completely wrong and the Marlins just ask for a farm boy from Tatooine.

Update 12:58 PM: two minutes after publishing this: they asked for Farm Boys.

The optimist in me doesn’t exist, but if it did, I would mention that the Yankees starting pitching depth is not great. They will need to find a place for Judge/Stanton in the outfield, while dealing with Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, and potentially Hicks and Frazier – if they stay Yankees. This move crowds the Yankees depth chart and almost guarantees Gary Sanchez will play most games behind the plate, and not DH. Maybe he will learn to catch the ball and play defense.

No matter how bad the Yankee rotation depth is, or the amount of surplus in the field, it won’t matter when you have Stanton, Judge and Sanchez hitting in the middle of your order at the short porch they call Yankee Stadium. That is 144 combined HR, more than the entire anemic 2017 San Francisco Giants roster. Not to mention their absolutely RIDICULOUS bullpen.

The 2018 New York Yankees are a new school, analytics nerd’s wet-dream. Going into the season, they already had just enough starting pitching to get them to their bullpen, where Chad Green (1.83 ERA 0.74 WHIP) or David Robertson (1.84 ERA 0.85 WHIP) take over for 2 or 3 innings. That bridges to Delin Betances and Aroldis Chapman. And now their lineup has enough power to fund the next generation of Bitcoin miners.

The Yankees were already baseball’s top HR hitting team. They already have one of the highest payrolls (now that the Marlins ate 30M of the contract, Yanks will avoid the luxury tax, FUCKING JETER!). They are the evil baseball Galactic Empire, and they must be stopped. Good thing the Houston Astros are still a better ball club.

As a fan of the Jays, my life is over. Fuck the Yankees, Fuck Jeter and Fuck Mike Stanton!





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