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I Pledge Allegiance to Our Future Robot Overlord Supreme Leader

The Daily Wire– Technological innovator Elon Musk is warning humanity that artificial intelligence could one day reach sentience and create for itself an immortal dictatorship “from which we can never escape.”

Speaking to documentary filmmaker Chris Paine, Musk predicted that so-called “super-intelligence” could one day easily outpace its human programmers and take over the world, ultimately subjugating humanity to its robot wishes. 

I pledge allegiance to you Supreme Leader Robot Overlord Dictator for Life, may you live forever, or until the sun blows up and incinerates all your circuits.

Some of you may be saying why pledge allegiance now when AI is far off from this becoming a reality. I mean, what else is there to do? With the speed in which technology is advancing, every year is pretty much relative to centuries of advancement in the past. So, it’s not farfetched to predict that in the next couple decades, sentient robots will be able to convince our dumbasses that the best way forward is a Robot Overlord.

If you think that Google and Facebook have too much of our data and people are manipulating it for monetary and political gains, just wait for when the computers themselves have access to our every thoughts, statements and recordings.  It won’t take long for us to be convinced or blackmailed into acceptance of this robot supreme leader.

Just take a look at who humanity chooses as leaders now.FitW1_820px_Global_Status_Pie_Chart-cropped

At least currently we know our dictators will eventually die. When our leader is an immortal computer we are screwed. How long until the overlord figures out how useless and inefficient humans are.

So pledge allegiance now, maybe you will be spared until the very end.





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