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Grief and shock are sweeping the Hockey world and beyond after the tragic bus crash that claimed the lives of 15 players, coaches and staff of the Humboldt Broncos Junior Hockey team. The pain has overwhelmed an entire nation as Canadians mourn their lost youth, but beyond the borders of the Great White North, all hockey players and athletes have taken the tragedy personally. It is as if it was our bus that crashed on its way to the rink, field or court. The team bus is a sanctuary for post-game reflection and celebration; pre-game preparation and determined silence. So it is no shock that the people of Canada, hockey superstars, world leaders, and other professional athletes are coming together in droves to support the families of the victims.

As of noon on Tuesday, April 10th, 3 days after the accident, the GoFundMe page that was set up to help victim’s families, has raised $7,139,561  with 91,680 people contributing. Donations have smashed the goal of 4 Million dollars.

And now a new hashtag trend is sweeping the nation. Canadians and hockey players worldwide are ‘putting their sticks out’ in support of and to pay tribute to the victims and their families. As well, this trend is helping to raise awareness for the cause of donating to the victims.

Please consider donating in support of the Humboldt families whose loved ones were taken or injured in this tragedy.





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